All About U
Call: (610) 494-2999

All About U is your one stop place for all your pampering needs!

About Us


We have everything to create a new you! From the moment you walk through our doors you will feel a sense of relief as all your worries are left outside. Our staff will greet you promptly and assist you with anything that ails you.


From the lobby you can branch out to a number of destinations within our building. You can get your hair styled to fit your special occasions followed up with your nails being hit with a splash of color. Maybe the day was just hard on all your muscles and need a relaxing massage. Perhaps you don't have time for the beach and need to looks the part with a tan and wax? We can do it!

Unique Feature!

Our building is very big and has different areas and rooms that we perform our services. Its a completely different experience than that of an outlet store. Plus we have so much more to offer.

Your Experience

Take the time to refresh yourself, recover, and rejuvenate at our beautiful facility. Our home will be your getaway!


"Always a pleasure to talk with the owner and was treated like family." -- Aaron

 Eye Lash Extensions

Now Available

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